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three down(-ish) three to go

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Morning warm up - RvB Pkmn Au - Wash and Luxray

Thanks to redgraveconspiracy I am now in love with their RvB pkmn au. I’ve doodled Wash and Luxray a lot but this sketch came out a little better than others so I coloured it and decided to post it <3

-Heads up those who watched me for Achievement hunter stuff, I also adore RvB/Rwby and will be posting that on here too :D

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The Kings of Achievement City and their tasks so far. 

(Will be updated when King Gavin Part 2 comes out but I worked really hard on this and wanted to share it with you now!)

(Source: thegavichal)

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Washington Chibi - one of my favourite characters of RvB now that I’ve managed to catch up :D

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the captains + donut and wash.

i actually made these for my book labels since school is starting, i just replaced my name with theirs for posting. feel free to use and edit them if u want them as labels uvu

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I can’t handle these cuties. >w< 
Also still lazy as ever to do ‘clean’ work on this account.

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Say something, I’m giving up on you. 
I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you. 

Anywhere I would’ve followed you.
Say something, I’m giving up on you…
- - - - - - - - -

Heavily inspired by this amazingly hurtful post by tealdragon and this heart-wrenching song which was paired with the gif of the Lieutenants… well it’s just a sketch I had to get out of my mind thanks to all the feels and fics being thrown about by this scene.

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I saw people redrawing screencaps (a lot better than mine but) I felt inspired and loved just this shot of Ruby before she owned the whole of team JNPR. It was just a practise thing, sorry for not posting more!

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ryan’s slow descent into madness this let’s play was both hilarious and terrifying